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Rapper/Songwriter from Shelton, Connecticut(CT). I take great pride in my work, and with every verse written, I strive to out-do my last. I allow myself to set the bar higher as I progress, so I always stay hungry and give 110%. I know the game's not what it once was, but there's alot of talent in these streets! With lyrics finally making a comeback, I feel confident that my music will reach the core hip-hop fans. I stay true to myself, and create music for the fans to twist one up to-


"Blindfolded, see what you wanna see"- I continue forth, on a path many have walked. I feel I have "what it takes." Just need that outlet. Here I am, a rapper/songwriter from CT. Every bar comes from the heart. I'm no "googoo doodoo voodoo booboo" rapper by any means. For what it's worth, i'm certain there's a song for each and every one of you that you will truly be in tune with- & ill be here when you need me, on The Road Less Traveled. -HAZE